To speed up the process of selling your cottage or home, here are five tried-and-true tactics recommended by real estate agents to give your cottage or home an immediate facelift. They will cost you little except your time, but are sure to bring big returns when you plan to sell and the "FOR SALE" sign is placed on your lawn.

WEEK END #1 -    Tidy it up

   Hold a garage sale to dispose of unwanted and unused furniture and appliances, odds and ends, and generally anything you haven't used in the last five years.Weed out every closet mercilessly (you'll thank yourself when you start packing) and don't forget the garage. Keep only the things you use regularly. Your home will look more organized, more spacious and more inviting.

 WEEK END #2 -    Fix it up!

         Take care of all the little maintenance tasks you never seem to have time for. Go through the house room by room, and make a list. Open every door and window turn off every faucet and check every lamp. Repair leaky facets, oil squeaky things, tighten loose doorknobs, make sure windows and doors open and close smoothly and change aLL the burnt light BULBS
          Very importance in achieving a successful sale

WEEK END #3 -   Spruce it up!

         It's amazing how much better your home can look with a fresh coat of paint and how much value it can add, for little cost. You don't have to repaint everything, but do consider freshening up the rooms that need it most. Use neutral colours inside.    Outside, a gallon of paint on exterior trim, wooden stairs can also do wonders for your home's appearance.  Label leftover paint cans for the new owners.

WEEK END #4. - The yard counts.

         Curb side appeal is a big drawing card for home buyers. Not only is it the first thing they notice when they arrive, it's the face they'll present to the world if they buy. Mow the grass, trim the hedges, plant some flowers and weed the garden.

WEEK END #5. -  Clean it up!

        Now that you have been through cupboards and removed all the needless clutter, get everyone in the family involved and clean the house from top to bottom.  Make sure everything sparkles and shines.  Make a vow to keep it that way! 
         A thoroughly clean cottage or home is of paramount importance in achieving a successful sale.