Monty Hall, my dear friend and classmate in my last two years at the University of Manitoba, encouraged me to submit this sonnet to THE MANITOBAN, (The University of Manitoba Student Newspaper in the spring of 1943). It was much welcomed on the campus, by both professors and students.
     I dedicated this sonnet to the young men from the University of Manitoba (many of my friends), who had lost their lives in World War II.  It was published in The Manitoban in the spring of 1943. 
"A    C A L L    T O    Y O U T H"

The morn has come, an hazy dawn has spread, 
A light of fiery source has pierced unknowns. 
Our youth into the shape of Man is thrown, 
By virtue of dark and perilous days o'erhead. 
The Miltons, Schuberts, and Edisons are bred 
Into the clutch of hateful war, as thorns. 
The deeds of they who fall in death, are sown 
With seeds of virtue and freedom in their stead. 

Hear Now!  Thou youths of this age forlorn, 
The calls, outcries, and prayers of they who wait 
With hearts devout and pure; Unbow'd but torn, 
By grief and anxiety, as deemed by fate. 
Yes Hear!  You must, who in this land are born; 
It is for God we fight.  Thus are we Great ! 

-- Charles V. (Chuck) Guarino, 1943