During my first year as lifeguard, we explored the lake bottom around the pier, as well as the rocky shore along the west shore of the beach.  During those diving
explorations,  George Ingham (the other lifeguard) and I  found sections of the 2nd pier about 50 to 60 ft  beyond the "T" shaped pier on which we worked.
       During the early 40's we enjoyed the wonderful old DANCE PAVILION  and the wonderful music of amiable DON WRIGHT and HIS ORCHESTRA
On the western side of the Dance Hall were the large words "The largest Dance Pavilion in Western Canada".  Click HERE for a picture of it (CNR picnic - 1948).
     Tragically on Labour day, 1950 it burned down.  The elderly gentleman who worked in the bathhouse had a room on the second floor level, above the ice cream parlour at the south west corner of the pavilion.  He had left his pipe on a small table at his window and the curtains  touched his pipe and set the entire building ablaze.