Christel  Kraft,  M.Ed. (Psychology)
Educational Consultant
Client Centered Psychotherapy

Author of:
"Energy Flow Focusing Explorations" (EFFE) "Passageways Into Your Hidden Treasures"

This book is my evolving story with focusing.
How I live it
How I teach it
How I guide my students and clients towards their hidden treasures.


- A Deeper Spiritual Connection
- Embracing All Our Parts/Aspects;
- The Shadow, Inner Child, The Critic
- Focusing Exercises and Examples about Basic Needs
        And Irrational Ideas
- Symbols and Dreams As Passageways
- Application of Focusing to Career Counseling
- Interactional Focusing for Conflict Resolution
- Resources for EFT, TAT, books, etc.

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        I have been involved in group facilitation and therapeutic spiritual counseling since 1972.  I believe that the human potential is limitless when blocked energies are allowed to be released in a gradual process of awakening. My emphasis is placed on personal growth, creativity, and empowerment through accessing the  inner spiritual wisdom.

Are you interested in your spiritual growth and development?
Are you a person concerned with your own well-being and those around you?
Are you in search of answers when confronted with suffering and confusion?
Are you working in the helping profession as clergy, teacher, counselor, social worker?

If you answered YES to any of the above
I can facilitate your process.
Call or write to me:
Christel Kraft, M.Ed.
Ph. 204-756-8578   -   Email:

Learn more about my Therapeutic Methods as follows:

EFFE  -  Energy Flow Focusing Explorations

       During Energy Flow Focusing Explorations I teach you how to access the wisdom of your own body energies. Your body always knows the next step for  your healing, growth and development.  In our sessions you will feel empowered to listen and trust your very unique process.

My methods include:
Focusing, Bio-Spirituality, Various Meridian Based Energy Therapies

These are applied for :

Health and Healing
Conflict Resolution,  Problem Solving
Stress Reduction
Spirituality, Creativity
Depression, Anxiety
Trauma, Phobias

About Focusing

        Focusing is a simple process developed by Dr. Eugene Gendlin.  Focusing teaches you how to turn your attention inside your body and listen, so the energy of your life can be freed to move forward.

        Focusing helps you create an inner climate of caring presence, allowing you to let got of “fixing”, controlling, forcing, manipulating, judging, shaming -all those basically violent ways we use to abuse ourselves and others. Focusing is a special way of coming home to yourself, and of encouraging those whom you love and work with to come home to themselves.

                             For more information:

About Bio-Spirituality
(from Ed. McMahon, Founder of Bio-Spirituality Research Institute)

         Beyond ideology, culture, race or religious affiliation, the human body with its wondrous  capacity for knowing and being in the universe, for being “in God", is what ultimately binds every human being into a shared experience of spirit.

         We know that such experience nurtures a non-dominative non-fixing, non-controlling, non-violent, healthy relationship both to ourselves as well as to the world around us.  Body is our common human doorway into the emerging world of spirit.  Bio-Spirituality – Body Spirituality, a global spirituality is the next step in human evolution.

About Meridian Based Energy Therapies

  Meridian based tapping techniques are very powerful tools yet easy to learn and apply.
Research has demonstrated that these methods will clear a wide variety of emotional distresses and psychological blocks.

        They are effectively used for many issues, including:

Traumatic Memories, Negative Emotions
Stress Related Physical Problems
Grief and Loss, Fears and Phobias
Stress and Anxiety, Addictions
Performance Blocks

        Christel has studied with various practitioners of Meridian based therapies and incorporates the following methods with Focusing:

EFT  -  Emotional Freedom Technique with Gary Craig
TAT  -  Tapas Acupressure Technique with Tapas Fleming
BSFF  -  Be Set Free Fast with Larry Nimms
TARA  -  Matrix work with Nahoma Asha Clinton

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