Minaki was wonderful, but my heart will always belong to  Grand beach with its beautiful sand beach, and very rough water.   I learned to swim there when I was about five or six years old.  Later,  when I was around 10 years old, I joined the YMCA in Winnipeg and became a  "TANKER",   a very highly respected YMCA swimming club in Winnipeg early 30's and 40's.   Because of the friendly Lifeguards that I knew as a boy at Grand Beach my boyhood ambition was to become a lifeguard.  I spent hours on the old pier talking with them.  Thus it was only natural that during my "Y" days, that I became a YMCA Senior Life Saver.  I also earned the Royal Life Saving Society's Bronze and Silver Medallions, the Royal Life Saving Diploma, and the "Award of Merit".  I served as an examiner in life saving at the YMCA for the Royal Life Saving Society and the "Y" for many years.