I was a Lifeguard at Grand Beach was during those wonderful days of the forties;  the days that most people today nostalgically rate at being "THE BEST" that GRAND BEACH has ever known.
      I met my dear wonderful wife Verna Baillie, in my first year at Grand Beach. She not only became my life companion, but also my business partner.   Over the years, we raised a large family, (four boys and three girls - all great kids) and
we enjoyed 34 wonderful years together. Today, I am a resident Realtors in this lovely lake country. My son (and partner) Larry Guarino own and operate GRAND BEACH REALTY.
    I graduated from the University of Manitoba with a B.Sc. (Bachelor of Science Degree) in 1944 and earned  majors in Microbiology and Physical Chemistry. I had aspirations of becoming a medical doctor, but that wasn't to be.