in 1941, the CNR transferred me to Grand Beach as their head lifeguard.  Grand Beach was also owned and operated by the Canadian National Railways. 
     I was blessed to have been the lifeguard there in that wonderful era 
(1941 to 1944).  My earliest photo of Grand Beach goes back to about 1915.  (Click HERE to view it). This first pier had been built a few years after the railway line had been constructed. It was mainly to accommodate larger boats and 
enable their passengers to load and disembark. This first pier extended into the lake about 150 feet. 
     The next year it was rebuilt because the ice had taken it out in the spring. The 2nd pier extended into the lake approximately 200 ft and was "L" shaped with the "L"  portion extending westerly along the beach.
     It extended farther north into the lake than the 3 rd pier. The 3 rd pier existed during the wonderful 30's, 40's and early 50's was built in the late 1920s.